Hiring a mobile locksmith generally costs you high in comparison to others. Generally,the cost for hiring a locksmith varies in terms of the project, like for lock installation project you need to pay around seventy to hundred dollars per hour, for lock repairing the service cost varies between twenty-five to fifty dollars and for emergency projects, it falls in between the range of two hundred to five hundred dollars. The cost to hire a locksmith is different in different locations. In the downtown area, hiring locksmiths can be expensive in comparison to hiring within the rural areas. Locksmith New Brunswick Nj is best in providing you with complete security-specific services. They are professionals and are known for efficiently providing quality service. They are also full-time available and are popular for handling extreme emergency conditions at a cheaper rate. For hiring them you can use any method out of on-call online and physical methods. For any kind of transaction, modern locksmiths accept online methods only.