If you put some light on the lock-related operations performed by a locksmith in the past few decades, you can easily find out that locksmith was famous for performing key duplication related process. In the beginning locksmith for designing a new lock key require an original key. After collecting the traced data from the original key locksmith create a duplicate format of it. For creating duplicate keys locksmiths use some special kind of tools and apparatus. In past centuries with a lack of technology locksmiths use handmade or mechanical tools for key construction. The key duplication process is a little bit lengthy process, it can take hours to make new duplicate keys. Now with the advancement of time locksmiths make progress in the keys department. They are now using modern tools and machines for performing key duplication process.

Locksmith Arlington VA uses multiple automatic machines for key construction, in which with just a single command client can easily get multiple keys for the same lock.