A smart lock is an electric lock equipped with some advanced features. Biometric locks, personal identification number locks, card swipe locks, and the Wi-Fi-enabled lock are common examples of smart locking systems. The installation process of the smart lock is a little complex, you need a professional hand for that. A wi-Fi-enabled smart lock is a new concept of locking. In this system, you can control the whole security system of your house by using a smartphone. In this system, you can allow or deny the access of an unknown person to your property. Wi-Fi-enabled locking systems are equipped with modern sensors and surveillance systems. You must trust a locksmith for its installation. Locksmith Plano suggests using a backup system along with a smart locking system. Backup locks help in keeping your area secure even after the failure of a smart locking system. The failure chances of a smart locking system are quite less in comparison to the normal locks.