Technology had been improving day by day and digital recording is the norm everywhere. PC had become a very regular feature in every residence and so hooks up this equal to a security camera which records for you the whole thing when you are not in residence and also eliminates the need for dedicated recording equipment. With the help of PC software which allows the recording modes to be configurable, you can decide either to record all-time or just when there is progress in front of the camera. If the camera has an inbuilt web server the images can be exposed on to the internet which means that you can have straightforward access to images from anywhere in the world either with an internet connection or a remote handheld device such as an iPhone.

Fitting of Security Lightning


In order to get better your residential security both interior and exterior lighting can be installed and it is better to use PIR movement detector type outer security lamp. So if anybody comes into the vicinity of the movement detector then the light will light up thus prevent the robber even coming towards your property. Moreover, in order to get full security for your home, you must hire locksmith winter garden.