Moving into a new house is a fun adventure, but it also means doing some important things, like changing the locks. Changing locks makes your new home safe, and it makes you feel calm. Sometimes, the real estate person tells you they changed the locks after the old owners left, but other people might have keys too. Locksmiths are experts who can help you with lock changes.


Locksmith Durham can help with your house locks. They can tell you if you should change the locks completely or just rekey them. Lock changes cost money, and you don’t want to spend too much. But it’s essential to get good locks for your safety. When you change locks, you pay for things like how they change the locks, the locks themselves, how many locks you need, and the person’s work to install them.

Lock change services start at around $50 for the worker’s time. Lock prices depend on how good they are. Simple locks can be as cheap as $15, but the best ones cost around $300. Usually, the more expensive, the better the lock, but not always, especially for smart locks.

Rekeying Services

Rekeying is another option if you don’t want to change the locks entirely. It’s cheaper and still safe. Rekeying means they take out the old keys and put in new ones, so your old keys don’t work anymore. But it only works if the lock is still in good shape. If you want even better security, ask the locksmith to add special pins to the lock, but it won’t be as good as high-security locks.

Buying Locks

When you buy locks, think about getting ones that use the same key for all doors. A locksmith in Durham can help with that. Also, make sure to buy good locks, not the ones from big stores. For your front door, choose locks that fit your needs and are good quality. Don’t buy cheap ones from big stores. Buy them from a trustworthy seller.